About Me

I was born in 1977 in Schagen, Noord-Holland, where I live in a beautiful house from the 1920s. As a child I was often drawing and modeling and I made animatronics inspired by De Efteling. In 1999 I graduated from the Academy of Art Direction & Design in Amsterdam where I learned a lot about advertising concepts and campaigns.

After my studies I worked at a printing company and various advertising and design agencies. Working at my drawings and paintings were a bit in the background.

Since a few years I have taken drawing and painting seriously again and I especially try to experiment a lot.

Besides a number of landscapes and still lifes, portraits and human figures are my favorite subject. The shadows and highlights that fall on the structure of the skin, the shine of the eyes and especially emphasizing a feeling in a portrait really appeal to me.

I use various techniques when painting. Some paintings are made according to the classical method whereby the painting is built up layer by layer. But working with a quick touch in acrylic paint is also a favorite.

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